Corporate Consulting at AHP International

Our expertise utilised for your company's European success

AHP International's management consulting services for corporate customers extend beyond simple market entry approaches.

We comprehensively guide companies through all stages of the analysis, planning, implementation and controlling process typically keeping the overall strategy in mind while pursuing all potential options.

Key questions for our corporate customers should be:

1. Is Germany/Europe a suitable target market for our business?

AHP International's analyses tools include:

  • Market research
  • Competition analysis
  • Market potential analysis

2. Which approach is the most efficient to develop our business in the German/European market?

AHP International's planning tools include:

  • Strategy development
  • Sales, marketing & distribution considerations
  • Market entry plan
  • Interviews with potential business partners, clients & experts
  • Identifying M&A targets

3. How is our market entry supported and implemented by AHP International?

AHP International's implementation tools include:

  • Extensive search for business partners & key customers
  • Mergers & acquisitions considerations: market-entry by takeover
  • Setting-up a German sister company
  • Recruitment of sales staff
  • Part-time management in the German sister company
  • Administrative coordination complying with the German law and standards
  • Bridging the cultural gap between mother company and German staff
  • Developing a client and contact database
  • Customer satisfaction analysis  

  • Strategic controlling of the market development

While the German market is naturally AHP International's chief focus, we also extend our in-depth knowledge and expertise to develop business in the whole of Europe. We are your German business hub for Europe!

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