Good reasons to partner with AHP International

What we can do to make your investment campaign a success in Germany and Europe

AHP International has the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to provide professional FDI promotion services.

We pride ourselves in:

  • The availability of suitable resources and experienced staff in our team. We draw on a reliable and flexible team of full-time employees.
  • Operating a network of experienced FDI consultants from all over Europe and providing a full service solution for the entire European market.
  • Employing a network of clients and contacts covering all of Germany and Europe and offering excellent synergies to the benefit of our FDI promotion clients.
  • Having insights in and a good understanding of the priority sectors in the relevant target markets.
  • Having a reputation of a professional, dynamic and international service provider. We are known and valued throughout Germany and Europe.
  • Offering budgets matching your exact needs with an eye on an appropriate return on investment.
  • Providing a sector team that closely liaises with the potential investor while working on the leads.
  • Providing a level of exclusivity for new clients. We carefully judge potential conflicts of interests with regards to existing clients and projects.



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