Linda von Delhaes-Guenther

Managing Director & Partner, AHP International

Born in the Italian region of Piedmont Linda grew up in Italy and Germany. She holds a Master in Economics and a PhD in International Economy.

Linda has been active in the field of international trade and investment for more than 15 years. She served as Director of the International Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Halle/Dessau in Saxony-Anhalt.

Before joining the AHP Group in 2008 she was Head of Marketing of the Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Frankfurt. In this role she was involved in trade and inward investment promotion for various Italian regions with her home region Piedmont being the key client.

Within the AHP Group she is responsible for public international trade promotion projects run by public institutions in Germany and abroad in order to support the global trade development especially of small and medium sized businesses.

Dr. Linda of Delhaes-Guenther assists U.S. companies in their business development in Europe. Under her responsibility AHP International has been selected by various US  states to assist their exports into Germany and Europe.

Linda is the "Authorized Trade Representative" of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Italy, Office of International Business Development, Department of Community & Economic Development (OIBD). 

Project languages: German, Italian, English, French and Portuguese

Location: Heidelberg
phone: +49 6221 725 85 82 (Home Office)
+49 6221 91 571 10 (Heidelberg Office)
Email:  delhaes(at)



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