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AHP International is one of Germany’s leading service providers in the field of international business development. We pride ourselves in liaising with our international and national clients in a truly global setting and with a wealth of experience in developing businesses.

In addition to supporting German companies reaching out to the global market AHP International strives to assist foreign and overseas businesses in entering and settling new markets in Germany and Europe.

Our comprehensive services for international clients interested in developing their presence in the German and European markets are three-fold:

  • Corporate consulting in business & market development
  • Public sector trade missions and trade fair projects
  • FDI Promotion in Germany and selected European Markets

AHP International covers all relevant and key markets within the European Union (including Switzerland, Norway and Turkey) offering a vast knowledge of the economic and cultural characteristics of individual regions and locations.

We aim for a holistic and market-oriented approach in generating new business through employing a wide-ranging network of business partners all over the globe.

American Clients are served by our AHP International Inc., our U.S. presence located in the heart of the U.S. East Coast next to Philadelphia. From There we serve them not only into Germany and Europe, but also globally. We are America's One-Stop-Shop for Global Business!

The same model is available in Sweden through Henrik Hjelm, our official in-market representative based in Stockholm.

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