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Access the heart of Europe's economy

Approaching the European market in all its diversity can be a daunting task for any experienced and well-connected enterprise. At AHP International we recognise companies' individual requirements and help you create your own European success story. Our consultancy approach combines efficiently targeted business development for enterprises with the expertise of numerous public trade projects. We can help you grow your business and access the heart of Europe's economy!

What makes AHP International singular:

  • Presence all over Germany
  • Sector-specific expertise
  • A wide-ranging European partner network

AHP International helps overcome the barriers and works closely with its customers to determine whether the European market - and the German market in particular - poses as a suitable target area for their businesses. 

We pride ourselves in applying the appropriate analyses tools for the appropriate needs and subsequently defining the most efficient strategic approach in entering the market. However, success isn't defined by analyses only, therefore key emphasis lies on a hands-on implementation approach and delivering results.

AHP International operates several German offices employing a number of highly-dedicated consultants and making use of a wide-ranging network of associates and strategic partners throughout the country and Europe. A large number of international clients has made extensive use of our trade services and has partnered with us developing their commercial activities throughout Europe.

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