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Central and Eastern Europe is one of our global key markets. It is a region offering political and economic stability, higher growth rates yet  lower labor costs compared to Western Europe. CEE is constantly gaining in importance on the world business landscape.

Our CEE office is not by coincidence located in the Polish capital Warsaw. Poland is by far the largest market in the region. 38-million consumers, a continuous growth rate of 4-5%, one of the most innovative and flexible engineering driven economies of Europe along with strong investment incentives, as well as qualified and well-educated workforce make it the most attractive foreign trade and FDI destination in the CEE region. 

At the same time, growing businesses in the region are increasingly interested in expanding their activities not only to European, but also to global markets. We are proud to be working with Polish clients and economic development agencies already for years. Being active in Poland for more than two decades we understand Poland and its business culture.  AHP International successfully implemented numerous business development projects in the Polish/CEE market, initially mainly for Western companies looking for business partners or investment opportunities in the region, yet increasingly often for local companies ready for internationalization.

We are an Authorized Representative for the U.S. State Pennsylvania in Central and Eastern Europe and run a representation office and expansion project for the VDMA – Europe’s largest industry association of its kind. Current projects include the international expansion of mainly Polish, American and German businesses in IT, energy and life science sectors. We also work closely with the Austrian Capital Vienna in developing and executing a FDI attraction strategy for the Polish and CEE markets.

Projects and business development in Central and Eastern Europe are coordinated and executed through our Warsaw office run by Karolina Kaptur and led by Stefan Peikert. Karolina has 10 years of project experience in the internationalization and development of the Polish economy.

We are your guide into more and prosperous business with Emerging Europe.

AHP International Warsaw is providing the full range of AHPI’s services in Corporate Internationalization, International Trade, Investment Promotion and Capacity Building.

Are you a business from Central and Eastern Europe looking at expanding your business into Germany, Western Europe and the world?

AHP International can be your partner in writing a unique international success story.

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