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America's One Stop Shop for Global Business - The Wold's Business Hub for North America

AHP International serves clients from all continents and on all continents. Since 2010 the united States have become one of our key markets outside Europe. 2016 we founded AHP International Inc. as our own and direct presence in the world's single largest market.

AHP International Inc. is based in Horsham, Pennsylvania next to Philadelphia in the heart of the wealthy and dynamic East Coast Corridor. From here we serve our U.S. corporate clients in their global business Expansion.

AHP International Inc. is our base for all projects into North America. Even if we decide to involve third party expertise into our American services we manage them from Horsham. The company is run by Jack Rosenbloom and Stefan Peikert. 

For more information visit www.ahpi-inc.com.

Jack Rosenbloom

Managing Director & Founder AHP International Inc.
Tel: +1 215 3150090
Email: rosenbloom(at)ahpi-inc.com

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