AHP International in the United Kingdom

UK clients and projects benefit from our exclusive in-market connection

AHP International serves clients from all continents. Especially in corporate consulting we frequently act as in-market partner for a local lead consultant in the home country. These colleagues know us for years and - more important - know their client. Of course we are also serve corporate clients directly if they are ready to contract us in Germany. In public trade and direct investment promotion it is usually government agencies who contract us direct without the involvement of a local consultant.

The United Kingdom is one of the few markets where we act with our own brand and provide a local contact for inquiries and market as well as client management.

Nicola Pinder and Stefan Peikert know each other since the early years of the millennium and have developed a close professional relationship. In 2014 Nicola has opened the Berlin Joint Venture of her UK business and AHP International - Creatives Loop International. Nicola is moving back and forth mainly between London, the Midlands, the North of England and Berlin. So it has been a logical decision, that Nicola acts as AHP International's Senior In-Market Advisor for the United Kingdom.

We work hard to assist British businesses and Economic Development Organizations not only to meet the challenges resulting from the BREXIT decision but to turn them into actual opportunities wherever possible.  

If you are based in the UK and want to learn more about our services  and how your business or economic development programme in Germany and Continental Europe can benefit from a co-operation with AHP International Nicola Pinder is your first point of contact.

AHP International has been listed by the German DIT (Department of International Trade) Team as accredited outsourcing Partner. This way DIT can use AHPI as expert resource to add value to the DIT's German trade promotion activities. We also work with regional DIT contacts in the UK as well as Chambers to assist them in fostering their ties with Germany and the continent. 

Stefan Peikert, Partner in charge of the UK, is Deputy Head of the Berlin Chapter of the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany bccg. AHP International also supports the chamber as sustaining member.



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Nicola Pinder
Senior In-Market Advisor & Representative UK
Managing Partner Creatives Loop International


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